Rules and Regulations

Firearms, Firecrackers, Paintball and/or Airsoft equipment is not allowed on the field.

Only Equipment provided by Virtual Warfare is allowed..

Objects must not be thrown.

Every Player has to stay within the game zone, and must not leave the area with rent equipment.

Every Visitor has to follow the directions of the Virtual Warfare Crew.

No physical contact with opponents.

Behaviour that could lead to self-injury or injuries of other players is not allowed.

Nobody is allowed to fire his/her weapon before the game started.

If the Pause-Signal is given, everybody ceases fire and holds the position.

Take care that you have a clear shot. If not you will end up shooting your team mates in the head! 

The referees are allowed to change to team organisation at any time to ensure a fair game.

Every player has to sign a letter of agreement.

Should you bump into any "civilians" during a game, lower your weapon, inform the referee and tell them (politely) that they are within a game zone, but not in danger

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