Here are just some of the weapons the commando will simulate.

M16A2.jpg: M16 A2STEYR AUG.jpg: STEYR AUGSA80A2.jpg: SA80 A2HK G36.jpg: H&K G36M16A1 VIETNAM.jpg: M16 1967 VINTAGE (20 ROUND CLIP)M16A1.jpg: M16 A1ak47_3.jpg: AK47 (KALASHNIKOV)svd_1.jpg: DRAGUNOV SNIPER RIFLEcarbine.jpg

Commando Carbine- Rifle Simulation

The Commando Carbine offers a great combination of compact design and huge firepower. It has a highly adjustable stock allowing a wide range of players to use this unit comfortably.

The new design long focal length lens assembly is featured on the commando for an extended range of 750ft.

The Commando simulates a range of rifle class weapons through the use of Battlefield Sports SATR technology. SATR allows the Commando you hold to behave like any of the weapons listed below (as well as many more), with accurate simulation from the sound of the gun firing through to the time taken to reload the gun. In this way it is possible for each visit to Virtual Warfare to feature a gun which is drastically different to your last!

M16 1967/A1/A2, AK47, SA80, Dragunov Sniper Rifle, M1 Carbine, H&K G36, Steyr Aug, Musket

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