All our firearms are supplied by Battlefield Sports™. The core technology used by Battlefield Sports™ is focused infrared light. Infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum and is also the spectrum of choice for other military grade combat simulation equipment, like the U.S. Army M.I.L.E.S. system.

Our guns fire accurate pulses of light energy over very long range (up to 1,000ft) in all light conditions. This makes the system totally different from Quasar or Laser Quest which need to be played in the dark over very short distances. In addition a wireless transmitter/receiver provides your gun with realtime updates throughout the game.

A small Head Up Display (HUD) built into the gun supplies information such as how many people you have killed, how accurate you are and how much ammunition you are carrying. Speakers reproduce digital sound effects accurate to the type of weapon simulated: ranging from individual shots, rounds whipping past your head, and a lingering death, through to the tinkling of empty cartridges hitting the floor after each shot.

Each player will be able to choose from our extensive armoury of Battlefield Live™ weapons - all of which are precision built tough in Australia*. Each gun has its own characteristics, with some being small enough for children to use, whilst others are good for laying down heavy fire in support of your team.

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