What is Virtual Warfare?

Virtual Warfare is home to a tactical game of team based combat known as Battlefield Live™.

To put it simply, imagine a Playstation or XBox-type military warfare game where you are so totally immersed in the action that you become part of that game!

- No Projectiles

Which means no projectile-related injuries or ecological damage. Virtual Warfare doesn´t shoot projectiles like Paintball. Our equipment uses infrared beams just like those used by remote controls, and cannot cause any injuries. In Paintball people often tune their guns to higher bullet velocity to increase (poor) accuracy. This can cause painful injuries, especially in close quarters battle. In Virtual Warfare you don't even need eye protection and so can use all your senses at 100%.

- Great Range

Groundbreaking technical developments have made it possible, to use infrared technology over long distances without dark rooms or special lighting. You can hit your opponent at over 150m distance (longer than a football pitch)! This means that concealment and camouflage is very important. The shots are always accurate, regardless of weather conditions like rain or wind.

- No Cheating

The weapon turns itself off when you have lost your last 'hit point', so there is no way to cheat. Even if you don’t realise that you are already "dead", you can’t interfere with the game anymore. When you “die”, you have to return to your recharge point to recharge your hit points with a special gun.

- No Age Limitations

Our weapons do not use projectiles but light, so there are no extra insurance charges or legal limitations on the age of players. We offer this unique activity for players aged 7 and upwards.

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